FLOUR is an idea of future forward Indian flavors and an expression of
a new culinary landscape in Indian cuisine.

At FLOUR, you can expect the creation of entirely new and unique flavors.

Chili at FLOUR is used to complement the flavor of a dish, rather than to provide the intense heat
typically associated with Indian cuisine.

Describing their experience at FLOUR.

Chef Yogi, his team and FLOUR restaurant as a whole imbibes the spirit which reminds us of the poem THE ROAD NOT TAKEN by Robert Frost. It is chef’s vision and his uncompromising attitude to excellence which makes this one of the most unique dining experiences we have ever had. One has to have an open mindset to immerse into the journey which the team has prepared for you. The chef will be present before every course at your table, interacting with you and guiding you like an expert navigator. The ingredients are all fresh, carefully selected and each course is a masterpiece. It challenges you to break your inhibitions while keeping the soul of food intact.

Note: The food pictures may not represent the current offerings at FLOUR due to menu updates. They are meant to highlight the variety of dishes we have created over time.



Chef Yogi, looks at every dish with a critical eye, noting all the limitations it would have when the dish was created. Research is done on every aspect of the dish. No food in India was made without science, availability of produce and resources - becoming benchmark for shifting a dish for Chef Yogi.


FLOUR presents food and culture from India with highest levels of cooking methods using top quality ingredients sourced globally. FLOUR believes food is global which enables us to use cooking methods from different cultures like Mexico, South America, Europe, Central Asia, Asia and present a wonderfully crafted dish, making us a Nouvelle Indian cuisine. Our Menu’s cater to non vegetarians, vegetarians, Celiac (gluten free) and we are children friendly.


Yogesh Upadhyay, known as Chef Yogi, is a passionate researcher and avid reader who meticulously crafts his menus. Drawing inspiration from rare literature on history and culture, he pours months of dedication into creating dishes that are nothing short of edible poetry. Regular diners appreciate Chef Yogi’s knack for sharing captivating anecdotes with each dish.
His mission is to redefine Indian cuisine, using whole spices delicately and sparingly using chili to enhance flavors rather than overpowering them. As an Indian native, Chef Yogi draws from the heritage and traditions of all regions, aiming to elevate Indian culinary standards.
At FLOUR, he and his team explore India's rich diversity of flavors and cooking techniques, weaving stories of the past with contemporary creativity. Their seasonal tasting menu reflects regional eating habits and the best seasonal produce sourced globally. Chef Yogi’s mastery of whole spices achieves surprising outcomes, showcasing his innovative approach to Indian gastronomy.


If your preferred date and time are unavailable on our booking system, please reach out to us directly by calling or WhatsApp.

You can also book directly through our reservation system, TableApp
For parties of more than 4 people, please WhatsApp us.


A non-refundable deposit of RM 100 nett per person is required upon reservation. This deposit will be part of your total bill and serves as the minimum spend for your meal. It will be deducted from your total dining bill. Guests can reschedule their reservation (one time only) with 24 hours notice.

Corkage Charge:

Wine: The first bottle is FREE; the second and subsequent bottles are MYR 100 each.

Liquor: MYR 150 from the first bottle.

Special Request / Dietary Concern:

Please acknowledge any dietary restrictions in your party when making your reservation. We cannot accommodate last-minute allergies, dietary restrictions, or vegan menu items. Notify us of any dietary, allergy, or special requests at least three (3) days prior to your reservation date. Special occasion cakes can be prepared at an additional cost with at least 48 hours notice prior to the booking.


Our menus are subject to market availability and may change without prior notice.

Dress Code:

Smart Casual


We welcome children of all ages