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Passion & A Dream

Yogi, founder and creator of FLOUR®, has been a man on a mission – he takes ownership of his cultural obligation to elevate the Indian dining experience and break free from the traditional confines of Indian cuisine.

His culturally steadfast father rejected his idea in the year 2,000 as India then was not ready for such a daring experiment. It was only in 2016 when he was encouraged by his beloved wife, Natasha Ng, a Malaysian, to take the leap of faith, right here in Malaysia.

FLOUR® is a tribute to Yogi’s father’s legacy. They may be different in their respective approaches to Indian cuisine but they share a common dedication to their cultural heritage. This is expressed in FLOUR®’s tagline – dip and eat, although simple as it sounds but it represents the most fundamental way to savour Indian cuisine.

FLOUR® is an expression of a new culinary landscape in Indian cuisine. This place is where passion meets creativity, chaos meets order, resulting in astonishing Indian dishes being created.

Located at the heart of the bustling city of Kuala Lumpur, our customers come from all around the world, be it United States of America, Europe, North Asia, South East Asia, to local Malaysians. Come to appreciate, get exposed, and learn about our culinary creations. Enjoy our hospitality and ambience with French touch for an unforgettable meal.