Yogesh Upadhyay, known as Chef Yogi, is a passionate researcher and avid reader who meticulously crafts his menus. Drawing inspiration from rare literature on history and culture, he pours months of dedication into creating dishes that are nothing short of edible poetry. Regular diners appreciate Chef Yogi’s knack for sharing captivating anecdotes with each dish.

His mission is to redefine Indian cuisine, using whole spices delicately and sparingly using chili to enhance flavors rather than overpowering them. As an Indian native, Chef Yogi draws from the heritage and traditions of all regions, aiming to elevate Indian culinary standards.

At FLOUR, he and his team explore India's rich diversity of flavors and cooking techniques, weaving stories of the past with contemporary creativity. Their seasonal tasting menu reflects regional eating habits and the best seasonal produce sourced globally. Chef Yogi’s mastery of whole spices achieves surprising outcomes, showcasing his innovative approach to Indian gastronomy.